Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Naomi!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAOMI!!!! Congratulations... your husband Andrew loves you so much he has dedicated this blog to you for the entire day!

Thanks for being so wonderful.  I love you so much and I am so grateful you are my wife and best friend!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thanks for being the best mommy in the world!

Happy birthday to the my wonderful wife
you are definitely the best part of my life
you are so wonderful and cool
I'm so glad we met in school

You are my very best friend
I know you will be with me until the end
You are so very cute
and very good at playing the flute

This poem is just for you
the time spent with you is too few
You are so great
everyday with you is like being on a date

I'm glad you are the one for me
you make me into the man I want to be
thank you for being my soul mate
you are so very great!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Liban!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIBAN!  Congratulations... your friend Andrew likes you so much he has dedicated this website to you for the entire day in celebration of your birth.  He was so thoughtful that he hired a group of professional writers to write you a poem just for you to celebrate your birthday.  Hope you enjoy!

Happy birthday to the greatest Ethiopain I know
I am glad you are my friend and not my foe
I hope you have a wonderful day
Maybe you'll even get a new duvet

It's sad that you moved away
hope your having fun in sunny CA
It seems like yesterday we were playing pool
and hanging out in the hallways at school

I am glad that we are friends
even one day when we have to wear depends
You are so kind and fun
don't worry, this poem is almost done

Thank you for being my bud
all of the ladies think you're a stud
Eat a lot of yummy cake
and maybe even go for a swim in the lake

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