Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Cade!

Happy Birthday Cade!  Today How To Make A Dollar is dedicated just for you.  As one of our premium members... we have taken this opportunity to show you how much you are appreciated.

Happy Birthday Cade
We love you so much this birthday blog we have made
Hopefully you have a good breakfast of toast with marmalade
And a birthday present made of of jade

This is a simple poem from us to you
A rhyming line or two, we promise just a few
To show how much we care about someone who is only twenty two
so here it goes, if you do not like it, please don't sue

Cade you are a great father and friend
with you people cherish the time they spend
If there is a problem, you take the time to mend
You are loyal to the end

Your wife loves you so very much
but less than a dollar because she did not pay for this blog and such
If she knew this birthday blog was available, I have a hunch
she would have bought you one because she loves you a bunch!

Happy Birthday Cade! 

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