Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt!

Happy Birthday Matt! Congratulations... your sister Cassie loves you so much she has dedicated this blog to you for the day.

Here are some kind words written to you from your friends at howtomakeadollar on behalf of Cassie for your birthday:

Today is Matt's birthday and I'd like to say

He is funny and helpful and I like him that way

He's a wonderful uncle and an awesome brother

And I would never trade him for any other

Matt has mad skillz

He can leap over hills

He commands respect

He never calls collect

He has a big heart

He's extremely smart

If my computer dies

it comes as no surprise

that he can fix it in a flash before my eyes

He's respectable

He's electable

He's a very good man

He's more reliable than the bank of Japan

I'm glad he's my brother and I wish him well

Cause he's classier than a Hilton hotel

My kids think he's great

(its not up for debate)

He's the very best uncle before their eyes

And he's a lot more fun than a Nobel peace prize*

Happy Birthday Matt, today is May First

I hope you like this poem; it wasn't rehearsed.

Congratulations Matt! You have also been featured on Howtomakeadollar!

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*The views and opinions discussed in this poem are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or opinion of the Alfred B. Nobel Foundation.

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